Hello, everyone!

My name is Rita and I am the Book Fox (self proclaimed).

I love to read books and recently I decided that I shall start writing reviews for the books I read. I am an amateur at blogging, but I hope it won’t show too much ^^’

If you wish to know what books I’m currently reading or have read, you can visit my Goodreads account:


Update: Hopefully I have improved my blogging lately and you are enjoying my reviews. I like to add a bit of lame good ol’ puns here and there as well as cliche over-use of gifs since that’s just how I roll. I try to make it funny a little bit since I’m quite a ranter most of the time (no, not part of a radical group during the civil war, but a person who likes to complain about everything. See what I did there? ….yeah, you’re laughing), no matter how much I enjoyed the book (and no, I am not a pessimist but a realist!). Let us hope this will work…somehow..otherwise………well you wouldn’t enjoy it much. Anyway~ What I’m trying to say here is – I’m working on my comedy, albeit weak, so hang with me and I do hope my terrible sense of humour shall at least make you giggle a little bit. 😀


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