Covenant’s End ~ Ari Marmell

Covenant’s End ~ Ari Marmell


Welcome to the review of Marmell’s Covenant’s End or *heavy breathing, wide eyes, drooling saliva* A Fan Girl’s One Of The Most Anticipated Releases Liek Evaaa *dies of happiness and agony*. That is pretty much what this review is going to be about. Let me just say one thing before I start – I got this book Saturday morning, squealed like a banshee and ran around stroking the book, stormed upstairs and finished the damn thing the same night. Did I mention I cried myself to bed? Great! Now that we got the obvious out of the way, hop on the ride.


The Story: 4/5 stars

I guess this is the end (well it is..). The end of the ride. Finite la commedia (or something). This is the grand finale and had my heart racing throughout the last 50-60 pages with the final battles, you could say. How do I even begin describing the plot without hyperventilating, Marmell?! *l’flip d’laptop* (as you can tell, I am very good at French..that was meant to be sarcastic….meh, French people will get it…probably).

Marmell begins the story with how the entire story will run – kill the fluff as soon as you can. With such a creepy and terrifying friggin’ prologue, you know shiz is getting real serious as soon as you start the book. And the fast pace doesn’t end there! We are quickly thrown to our favourite duo – bratty Shins and cheeky Olgz bruh (I should stop this…I’m probably scaring people by this point). Not only does Shins smell something suspicious with the monster hyperactivity, but also with her being one of the most wanted people around things are ought to get…interesting. Was Marmell kidding with monster hyperactivity? Well if you thought he was, he is sure to prove you wrong and is all set to remind you of what the Widdershins series is all about – blood, humour and action.


Reaching Davillon took a while but you’re finally brought back to the city you know and love..only to find it not quite the same and not quite lovable anymore. Chaos has come again (eeey, Shakespeare reference…yeah, you’re laughing) and Widdershins is in the heart of it. After a rather…unpleasant welcome back gift left in Widdershins’s apartment, I’m not sure of what to expect from this author. That was definitely…an interesting yet very creepy way to drive the plot forward.

After some melodrama, out of which I only cared about the part that Renard was in fact alive (meh, screw Robin), Widdershins gets a beating of a lifetime after being overconfident. As much as I like the story….this was one of the parts which seemed rather….shady. There was no way Shins could have survived that and even Marmell himself wrote that Olgun was also out of juice so…how did that little miracle occur or did I miss something? To be quite honest, Marmell’s transition from some scenes to others seemed a bit confusing at times, but I’ll get to that in the Writer’s Technique section.

The web of evilness (yes, it’s a word..I think) is more tangled than at first believed times I have to admit Marmell lost me. Some things were not clearly explained, which was a real shame. You were just left scratching your head, shrugging and carrying on at times. That seemed a little bit sloppy on Marmell’s side, especially knowing what good of a writer he is, especially when handling plot, plot twists and intrigue.


Well at least you would find out that the main antagonists are not Iruoch but…his creepy cousins and uncles? Or something? It wasn’t cleared up too much…or explained who they were..but…yeah?

The story (I must admit) went downhill a bit from there on until it picked up its pace again in the final action and confrontation. The whole confession of true identity..really didn’t seem as important as it should have been. It was just a big meh, I guess. I’m pretty sure it should have been more exciting than how I read it but…yeah. And Marmell once again half-arsed some of the transition scenes.

Now the final pages and the action. Now this was what the series was all about and where Marmell shined. Not only did the action transit and kept going, it had painfully felt high stakes. I honestly thought that Shins was going to die in the end. Marmell really built it up like that until he just had to bring in the plot twist which…seemed forced, to say the least. Oh it was a miracle alright but…but….what the hell, man?! How it was resolved was definitely not how I imagined it!


To be quite honest, I thought that those scenes where all the other characters were fighting against the faes would have had more significance. I really thought that once they would kill them/whatever, then Lisette’s powers would diminish and Shins would finish her off but….of all the things….ghosts??? Whyyyyyy???



And of course…the final wrap up…can only be described this way:

An ending which will tear your soul apart (although obviously you would have had to read all the previous books in order to understand the deep connection) and you will enjoy it. A perfect ending in some terms, inconclusive in others; satisfying yet leaving you wanting more. A suitable finale for a great series ~ #my amazon review 2015

Pretty much! The ending was just….so imperfectly perfect. What Marmell had to do was obvious since the beginning of the series. We all knew it was coming but…but…it still made the ending sad nonetheless.


And how dare Renard and Shins not get together TAT



The Characters: 5/5 stars

Love these guys. Honestly, love ’em. Well..most of them anyway.

Widdershins: The lovable, crazy protagonist. She’s back as awesome as ever. Although…at times she seems more childish than she should have been after the progress of the last 3 books. Her maturity does show once in a while though, which is a good sign since it shows Marmell did not forget. She’s still a pretty cool character, even if dense at times. I was conflicted with how she was left forever alone in the end but…I guess it was too soon to move on. My only hope lies in her appearing with someone *coughRenardcoughcough* as a cameo in Marmell’s possible future books set in the same universe.

Olgun: If he wasn’t a god….I would have him and Shins instead of her and Renard OTP any day…or I guess shipping since Marmell seems keen to leave Shins miserable (bully). But ermahgerd I actually loved Olgun in this last instalment. Yes, he was as awesome as always and humorous, but there was more! He really developed as a not-quite-present character! And in a good way too! His deep care for Shins was really radiating in this book, making the ending all the more bittersweet.


Renard (oh you knew he was coming next no matter what!): Yes. He isn’t too much of a main character. But I love this guy. He’s just so awesome. His little monologue in the end also really kicked me in the feels. Poor fella! He really needed a hug. Although what happened to him in the end is a mystery…just where on earth did he disappear to?! I want answers!

Robin and that other chick…erm…Faustine was the name!: This where ‘most of them anyway’ part comes in. I couldn’t care less about these two. I never cared about Robin in the first place so why would I care about her and Faustine now? Robin was quite literally useless and Faustine…she just…didn’t have enough space for development to grow on me? Oh and in case you still didn’t get the clue of what Robin is like from the 2nd book review or why I paired these two together, their relationship can be described like this:


Antagonists: There were quite a few. To be quite honest…I thought until the near end that there were 3 and not 4 fae which Lisette got her hands on… It really was a shame that Marmell did not go into as much antagonist-building and go full on out with them as he did with Iruoch (which was a work of pure genius..well…maybe a hyperbole but nonetheless you get the idea. I don’t get impressed that often). The whole things which binded them really was confusing. It was true, as some character in the book pointed out – fae were never that loyal to each other anyway, so why would they avenge their creepy uncle Iruoch? I just felt that Marmell didn’t explain this as well as he could have…I really wanted some more intrigue and plot twists in this area… Like..oh I don’t know! Shins or Olgun being tied to some bigger scheme/prophesy/origin than believed. Maybe Shins being some sort of special descendant or..well anything! Something more special! There was a lot of missed potential, in my opinion.

The rest: Yeah. They were there. Is that enough of an explanation? No? Well…there were just so many characters which could have shined more if given the chance. Evrard just vanished in the end..which I thought was a shame since he kinda grew on me in this book.


Writer’s Technique: 4/5 stars

I wish I could give ol’ Ari a boost on this rating but to be honest, as mentioned before, he really slacked off at quite a few points. The most obvious were the transitions. Sometimes I had to re-read a paragraph as I didn’t realise what was fully going on and that the character was already in another place. It seemed a but out of character for Marmell to do that (see what I did there?….oh shush..). His writing is great, hands down but…it seemed as though he was a bit unfocused in some parts. I’m not sure whether this is a side-effect of writing Mick Oberon book or whatever but…something was missing. Something wasn’t quite right at times. Same goes with the plot. Some of the things just seemed not completely or well enough explained. I was surprised at how I was a bit confused at times or how close I was to confusion. Something didn’t go too well for Marmell on that aspect. I think it was just that Marmell seems to have tried to focus on so many things in such a short amount of space, especially while trying to end the series. I think the last time I experienced a similar transition confusion was in the 2nd book when Julien was….erm…well…oh you already know from my previous review his fate. Well..that! I had to also re-read that part a few times before understanding what just happened. This waver of narration seems to me stemming from Marmell’s waver of confidence or emotion. It’s as though he is unsure how exactly to approach the topic or the next scene. At least he tried, I guess?


Despite my complaining, humour really worked well despite this dark setting. And if there is a field Marmell manages to excel in, it is definitely darkness. He knows how to set out the mood and is not afraid to ruin a few lives with his pen’s stab of doom. The bravery is admirable and rewarding as it works well.


Overall: the predictable 5/5 stars!

This was nonetheless a great ending to an awesome series. Can you really blame me for giving it such a rating? ..okay so you probably could but shh!

The story, despite Marmell’s few confusing transitions, is quite well wrapped up. Not all loose ends are tied but doesn’t that leave room for potential future stories? Am I rite? Huh? Who’s with me? No? …Bah!


To summarise:

I think I shall sum up my conclusions of this series as:




I have also finally understood what Marmell was:


aka evil!

All in all this series is a really good pastime. It is entertaining and is just an emotional rollercoaster through and through. Nobody is spared. NOBODY.

And that is all! Thanks for reading and do excuse me as I once again go and cry myself to sleep after having to remember the ending again.

~Rita the Book Fox fox

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