On feeling bad about a bad review

I thought I’d share this since I actually agree with pretty much every word of it.

Behind on Books

I’ve always said that if nothing else, I’m honest. This is my motto for most things in life, and yeah, sometimes it means that I end up saying things that people don’t like to hear. But my other motto is: don’t be rude! Flaming is unacceptable.

So while being honest, but hopefully constructive, why do I still feel bad when I give a book a low star rating, or when I really go to town on why it doesn’t work for me?

Maybe it’s because…

  • …I’m a writer too. In assuming that these authors work just as hard, or harder, on their manuscripts, it feels like I’m betraying part of myself and somehow disrespecting everything they’ve tried to achieve.
  • …I’ve turned into an academic (of sorts). I’ve been noticing more and more that, in nearing the end of my degree, I’ve been transformed into a different reader. I scan everything…

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