Keturah and Lord Death ~ Martine Leavitt

Keturah and Lord Death ~ Martine Leavitt


I’m sure that from all my previous reviews you have picked up this – I am not a fan of anything to do with love. Now then, how did I start reading this then, you ask? It is after all a novel with romance written all over it (just LOOK at that cover! My eyes BURN!). To be honest, this would not be something I would usually pick up to read but after reading Cruel Beauty, this book seemed to claw at my attention. I thought ‘Hey, why not?’ and so I decided to read it. I must say, it was a rather unusual read. It wasn’t a read I fully enjoyed, but it wasn’t one I hated. Well…let me go into what I loved and slightly disliked about this book.

The story – 3/5 stars:

Okay…it has to be said – I didn’t like the story resolving fully around finding your ‘one true love’. It just sounds like a bad soapie for middle aged housewives to watch (no offence). The plot was not the most original in the world, or interesting for that matter. I liked it a little, hence the 2 stars, but not enough to give it anything more than that. It was boring and ongoing with a predictable plot. It was blatantly obvious what the ending was if the title, the synopsis and the cover were not obvious enough. There wasn’t much originality as it was almost a mix of Beauty and Beast and Scheherazade. Honestly, I even felt a bit disappointed.



I have to say though, I think another redeeming point was some of the important messages the book has conveyed (which is why I added on another star to the 2 I would have originally given). Of course the most important one is that you have to enjoy life as it is and not always live in the shadow of death which is the end of everything and every story, including this one.

“You, my lord [Death], are the ending of all true stories.”

The characters – 1/5 stars:

Keturah: Okay, am I the only one who wanted to slap some sense into this girl? What the heck was actually wrong with her? What kind of an ambition is “have my own little cottage to clean, and my own wee baby to hold, and most of all, one true love to be my husband”? Sure that does sound something like a common girl in the medieval times may say, but this novel was written in 2006, for goodness’ sake! I understand that it was done to fit in with the context, yada yada, but it was nothing original or nothing that made her stand out as a character and to be honest – I didn’t like Keturah very much. I honestly did not see why everyone around her loved her so much or why Death himself had loved her. Honestly – why??? I don’t undestand!

Lord Death: This guy wasn’t really given any depth or cameo time to be explored. He was a pretty flat character, inevitably boring. He was always described to be all powerful but I didn’t really understand how exactly he has restored everything so quickly. Magic? Perhaps. But since when was ‘fate’ changed so easily?

The romance: What is this I don’t even. How can I even comment on such a weak romance? I swear the whole romance in this book was just a big ‘meh’. How did it even flopping developed? It didn’t! I really didn’t understand where it even came from! Lord Death loved why? How what where what what? Apparently he watched her when she told tales and stuff..okay? So what? She was a mere mortal, why on earth did he take an interest in her? It just seemed so…forced. It reminded me greatly of Twilight. And why on earth did Keturah love him? She loves Death? Why? Ugh….the romance in this novel frustrates me to no end.

Everyone else: None of the characters stood out to me. Keturah’s friends were annoying. The villagers would believe anything and the ‘love interests’ which Keturah may have had were nothing special. The only ‘love interest’ which stood out to me was John. That guy was awesome, I swear he’s the only decent character I liked in this book.


Writer’s style – 5/5 stars:

For me, this was the only redeeming feature in this book. The style was so enchanting and beautiful. Now, you may already know that I’m a sucker for world building and mostly love the writers’ styles in their books. Well, I think I just found a new author whose style I would love to see more of.

The style was fairytale-like which suited the story. It was so simple yet so complex in a way. I cannot really describe it, but I felt as though I was reading one of those classic novellas since the writer wrote in a beautiful manner, not at all modern (so it surprised me to find that the book was first published in 2006). I have to say, that really impressed me and lifted my opinion of this novel highly.


Overall – 4/5 stars:

Despite its many flows, the story left me with a bitter-sweet feeling, one of my most favourite types of feelings after reading a good book (I’m not trying to sound masochistic or anything ¬w¬’). Honestly, I don’t know why, but it still felt like a good read to me. I think it’s the style which mostly made me fall in love with the book since the story and the characters did not impress me much…at all. could be just because I can’t stomach so much romance packed into a book…


To summarise:

If you are a fan of cliche love stories, this is your book. If you are a literature adventurer like me, also read it. If you’re looking for a good story and characters…awkwardly move along.

I must say though, this has a lot of nice things to think about, in a way, philosophically. So…if you like books with interesting messages and concepts, you may also want to read this.


And that is all there is to it! Thank you for reading!

~Rita the Book FoxImage

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