False Covenant (Widdershins Adventure Series) ~ Ari Marmell

False Covenant (Widdershins Adventure 2) ~ Ari Marmell


This was a must-read for me after reading Thief’s Covenant! I literally could not wait to get back home and order this book straight away (since I was on holiday when I read the first one)! False Covenant of course did not disappoint me at all as it gave me everything the first book had and more – action, intrigue and of course a touch of supernatural.

The story – 4/5 stars:

Goodness! The world of Widdershins has swept me in the book as soon as I started! Honestly, the world setting and a thief as the main character just marvels my reader sensors. As for the story – there seemed to be a more solid plot this time, an improvement from last time. The horrendous murders were quite an interesting concept and they kept teasing the reader as to who or what exactly was terrorising the streets of Davillon. I really have to be honest – this is by far the best book in the series and definitely one of the best I have read.

I have to say though…I did predict the plot partially. What I mean by that is I knew who let loose the creature which hunted the streets, but I didn’t really know what it was until it was explained (although that little children’s rhyme at the beginning of the book should be a pretty good indicator…).

Why the 4 stars then, you ask? Well…


Okay…so I nearly actually flipped a table at the end…WHY ON EARTH ARE AUTHORS SO FREAKING EVIL?!!!! How DARE Marmell kill Julien of all the characters?!!! (I do apologise, but as you can see – it was a tragic loss for me as a hardcore fan of this series) I’m sorry but… THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! (ノ °益°)ノ彡 ┻━┻ Seriously…I can deal with the other deaths but if my most favourite character also dies later on, I will go to America, hunt Marmell down and force him to re-write the story.



Eheh…yeah ¬w¬’ That’s pretty much why 1 star has been deducted from this section. Well what do you expect? This book left me like this, after all!:


The characters – 4.5/5 stars:

Why 4.5 and not the whole 5 or 4? Well… I’ll leave that to the end of this section, but it IS a spoiler!

Widdershins/Adrienne: She’s back for more! Only this time she apparently gives up her old ways of being a thief *rolls eyes and mutters ‘Like that’ll happen’*. If you read the first book, you would understand why (and how she got the tavern). I have to say…having Widdershins in a somewhat ‘romance’ mode did not suit my taste much. I mean…emotions? Ain’t nobody got time for those?


On a more serious note – I like how her character is progressing. Although still quite childish, the recent losses have made her mature more which is a nice development. The problem is though…why do so many people Widdershins knows and cares for have to die? I mean really, Marmell? You trying to bully your characters? Why?

Olgun: Well Olgun is Olgun – the wannabe deity (although technically he is one, he’s not that powerful as Widdershins is literally his only follower…). The same old communications system used; can’t really complain since it works and does its job to convey the words/feelings it needs to convey.

Julien: Seems in this book he gets more cameo time (although considering the end…ironic…). He seems to be the main love interest for Widdershins throughout the entire book (although I could tell this was bound to happen with the little interactions Julien and Widdershins had in the first book). I’m glad that Marmell tried to explore this character more, though. It gave him more of a personality and a little bit more depth (although not too much since he was still not exactly the centre of attention). The chemistry between him and Widdershins? …….Meh, I don’t like romance so maybe it’s just me cringing at their sweet-talk.

Renard: My darling of the series! (gosh I love this character…) He…doesn’t get much cameo time again but it’s better than the first book! He’s still as awesome as ever and added to the little slip of his true identity at the end of the previous book, it made it more interesting with how he operated with Widdershins and the rest of the Guild.

The Antagonist: I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I absolutely ADORED the antagonist! (I know I’m supposed to hate him but hey ho – it was a love hate relationship). Seriously, that thing is pretty amusing! It would be a spoiler if I tell all about the villain, so I’ll put it in the end where the spoiler section is. If you are only curious about this particular character and want to read only this spoiler, it is marked with this – Image

Robin: …..Yeah…can’t say I enjoyed her presence made more frequent.


I think Marmell is over-doing it with the love-triangles…which now became a square? Anyway…making Robin like Widdershins is a bit….forced.

ImageIruoch: Man, Marmell really went all out with this guy! He/it is just so awesome! The he-it is very creative and I just could not help but laugh at the amusing lexicon and dance-like movement. He was literally indestructible! Now there’s a challenge! It took much more to defeat the villain this time unlike in the last book with many sacrifices (*sobs* Julien, come baaack!). This time, the villain did not seem forced and spontaneous (unlike last time) which is good progress. The little chorus of invisible (presumably dead) children which always echoes (somewhere) was rather creepy and added a more sinister and haunted aura…basically an aura of doom/madness. Honestly…I just loved this guy/thing/whatever it is. Since this is a spoiler section I shall also mention this – there is a hint that Iruoch is still alive at the end of the third book and might make another appearance in the fourth one!


Others: Well… let’s admit it – these guys are just extras and to get the plot moving. I really couldn’t care too much about that nobility peacock going around and looking for Widdershins or the whole sidestory of his. Either way…meh.


Writer’s technique – 4/5 stars:

Still using the same sort of style which I like. Marmell has an interesting way with words and I really like how he describes the settings, especially the ball ones. His fight scenes are even better than last time and I really enjoyed that as a treat.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that Marmell has decided to write the story normally and chronologically unlike in the last book (which was partially why I love the book). I guess I probably just expected something similarly clever from this book but…well it didn’t spoil the read for me with the puzzles being absent. I suppose Marmell did try to make it up a little by having a sort of mini-murder mystery and a brilliant villain.


Overall – 5/5 stars:

Now, why would I give 5/5 stars when none of the above sections add up to it in any shape or form? The explanation is simple – this book is just amazing (and I am de-e-efinitely not doing that because of the awesome villain *averts eye contact*).

Marmell, being the evil author he is, once again has sent me on an emotional journey as characters were killed off one by one. Cruel? Perhaps, but that’s just how this book rolls. The ending though…oh don’t even TALK about the ending! The twist near the end left me speechless and…well depressed really…although I could not see a better way to end this book yet continue the series.

To summarise:

I think I shall just summarise all this with my emotions throughout this book:

Start: Image






And these somewhat resemble me at the end:






So yeah…I think you get the idea…

Well that’s all for this week! Thank you very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

~Rita the Book Fox 

You can find me on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/RitaArthurs

So how would YOU rate this book:


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