The Magician’s Guild (Black Magician Trilogy) ~ Trudi Canavan

The Magician’s Guild (Black Magician Trilogy) ~ Trudi Canavan


So I found out that there was a book which had everything I always loved – magic, thieves and a strong female lead. Thus this book entered my to-read list.

The story – 3/5 stars:

Okay, the story was not the most interesting in the world and the development was rather slow. Many events of the book dragged on for a long time. The actual story started more only half way through since the first part was mostly the background story and in a way a prologue. I understand that world building is important, but did we really need 248 pages of mostly insignificant events which would prove to be useless anyway? The synopsis pretty much revealed that Sonea will in fact enter the Guild so…was all of that necessary? I guess it was useful for some character and world build up but still… A lot of pages wasted, if you ask me.


The characters – 3.5/5 stars:

I see Canavan has really tried to get us to like her characters here, especially Sonea. I’ll have to confess that…. I don’t really care much for Sonea. Sure, she is a ‘strong female lead’, but her character is rather…flat and boring. I understand her stubbornness and concerns, but somehow the author just couldn’t get me to really become attached to the character. It’s the same with most characters in this story, actually. The only characters I was interested in were Rothen, Dannyl and Cery. Honestly, I didn’t really like any of the other characters in this book (although as the series progressed, there were more favourites).


World building – 5/5 stars:

I’ll be honest – the most dominant reason I like Canavan’s books are because of world building as her stories and characters tend to be a bit ‘meh’, in my opinion. I really love her descriptions and how much thought has been put into creating a whole new world from scratch. It was in a way an exploration for you as you read. I think this is mostly the reason why I could not put down the book after I got my hands on it.


Overall – 4/5 stars:

Okay, so there was not much excitement going on (at least not as much as I was expecting so I was a bit disappointed). The fact still remains – I wanted to read the book non-stop, not something that happens too often with books like this one (usually – if I get bored of a book, it takes me forever to finish it, but I read this one in about a week since there was school work so on and so forth). Since this is the first book in a trilogy, it seemed that this whole book was just the back story – something to give you the background information and reference before the real story began.  Although the series gets better, the start may put some people off since the climax and the most interesting part of the story came in about the last 50 pages… Nevertheless – I definitely think people should give this a try. It is a pretty good book (although some grammar/spelling mistakes bothered me).


To summarise:

The first part of the book is a bit tedious to read. You just really have to stick to it and look more at the bright side – the new world you are exploring. The second part should interest you more and I really liked that the author explained how the magic in this world actually worked, not something many authors do and usually tend to avoid!

Well that’s all I can say really! Thank you for reading!

~Rita the Book Fox Image

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